Tuesday, 2 June 2015

BooHoo Haul ~ Plus Size Fashion

Ok guys so firstly I'm really sorry I've been away for like a month now I've just been super busy with other exciting things that I so cant wait to share with you, not long to wait now! But I do feel bad I've been neglecting you guys but I promise all the stuff I've been busy doing will totally benefit what I already have going on. Anyway enough rambling from me back to the point!

I've been wanting to do a boohoo.com haul for ages now as I just keep buying more and more lol whoops! Anyway I'm totally in love with this new discovery of mine and I wanted to share my joy with you. I thought it would be a good idea to actually try on the pieces I got for you so you can see exactly how they fit someone of my body type.

                                              Keira Printed Plunge Neck Skater Dress


Hugs & Kisses
    Katie J

Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hey guys long time no speak!

Its such a shame that anytime anything positive in the media comes out about plus size people that there is inevitably a bad backlash. This time it was the comments on loose women from Jamelia after the plus size wars documentary on channel 4.

This is just my little opinion on the whole thing.


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    Katie J

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sex and the single girl

Hey guys, hope your all having a super week. I just wanted to thank you all for your responses to my "sex blogging is it for me" post and as you can probably tell I have made my decision. I've just decided to allow myself the freedom to write about whatever takes my fancy. I really hope you like what I have coming.......Anyway on with todays post.

As a single girl in her 20s with a rather colossal sexual apatite I am at some what of a dilemma, I feel as though I should have to keep my sexual desires hidden from the world, not to act upon them and save myself if not for marriage but for "the right guy"

We have moved on in society that we readily accept that modern girls these days wont be saving themselves for marriage, in fact most people would find it quite odd if a girl was "saving herself" however in most cycles its still expected that woman would "save it" for someone special, someone they are in a monogamous relationship with. The notion that a woman is enjoying casual sex is still very much looked down upon and this woman is tarnished with the tart/slut/whore brush, and of course people always feel sorry for the woman who is "just having sex", determining that the only explanation is she is being used....tell me, why is it presumed that the women is used? why at the very least is it not a mutual using ? or maybe just possibly these two free and single people and just enjoying the freedom of sexual expression. Its an orgasm not marriage why does it all have to be so serious? Sex feels good so why is it so hard to believe that a normal healthy woman could just be  enjoying that? A woman enjoying casual sex always has to been explained away by her having low self esteem or no self respect, or some other psychological issue.....WHY? I believe the answer is that the people putting the casual sex loving woman down are only doing so to make themselves feel better, maybe perhaps they wish they could be that free? Either way just because you may not understand somebody else's life choices does not mean they are wrong.
My own mother said to me "its just not the done thing"....why not? who decided this? Nobody has the right to tell anyone what to do with their own body. As far as I'm concerned as long as its legal and nobody gets hurt do whatever the hell you want!

Anyway I seem to have gone off on a little rant there.

Back to my point......I've spent pretty much my whole sexual life battling with myself I have the good girl side and the horny sex manic side, I've always tried to stifle the sex manic side as this is not how good girls behave right....? you'll never get a man that way.....etc. and if I have slipped and allowed my sexual desire to take over I've always had the slight pangs of guilt and questioned myself.
Well, you know what I'm so done with that! I have been thinking a lot about this topic recently, I spent the whole of last year being a "good girl" following the rules of dating cause I kept being told from every angle its time I settled down as I'm "getting on a bit" I don't think mid 20s is getting on but I do live in a tiny little town where if at the very least your not a single mother by your early 20s that's very unusual! The idea of that being my life is the stuff that fills my nightmares....literally!

So I have decided just to listen to my inner self, drown out the noise of what everybody else thinks I "should" be doing right now, and just have fun living my life! and yes that includes having shock horror casual sex! if I find the man of my dreams along the way then fine, but if I don't then no biggy all I know is I'm gonna have a hell of a lot of fun in the mean time!...........watch this space the sexual bucket list post is coming very soon.....I've wasted too much time looking for "the one" its time to start ticking some stuff off that list instead!

Now don't get me wrong sleeping with a bunch of random dudes isn't for me, (if that's your style then more power to ya :) ) the main reason being I don't wanna just have a bunch of bad sex which unfortunately is quite likely lol! No, I plan on having a few good friends I can call upon to um.....help me explore and discover my new self.

Hugs & Kisses
    Katie J

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Nominate Me


Ok so I know this blog has only properly been going for just over a month, it really is just a new born baby, and my YouTube channel is still in its infancy as well...... but if not now then when? and if not me then who? You've gotta be in it to win it right? So I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and see what comes of it. As far as I know, no plus size YouTuber has ever been nominated for this and I thought it was about time that changed considering how huge YouTube has become.
I wanna show the plus size community and the world that being fat AND sexy is something to be proud of and not shied away from or hidden in the shadows!
Your support would mean the world to me!
Here's how you can help make my dreams come true.

How To Nominate
  1. Go to www.britishplussizeawards.co.uk/categories/nominate
  2. In The Category of Best Entertainer:  Youtube.com/vivalakatiej
  3. In The Category of Best Blogger: Katie J
  4. In the Category of Best New Blog: Vivalakatiej.blogspot.com
  5. Tweet me, facebook me or email me and I will send you happy thoughts and big hugs!
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    Katie J

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Sex blogging......is it for me?

So those of you who follow me on twitter and YouTube will know I have recently launched a new series called Viva La Sex in which I will be giving advice and my opinion on different aspects of sex and dating. This is a subject I feel very passionate about and love talking about. I find all aspects of human sexuality extremely interesting. With saying that I would also like to incorporate this subject into this blog, I have written the odd single girl/ dating post but never anything about my own personal sexual experiences. This is something I have been thinking over for the past week or so now and I keep going back and forth. So I'm asking for your help!
Do I really want to invite the whole world into my bed?
If this was an anonymous blog the answer would be a definite yes! but as it isn't anyone I meet with a quick search on google would be able to read the intimate details of my sex life........Yes, I could set up a new blog and hide who I am but I feel that would be like starting from square one again and "hiding" is really not something that appeals to me. If I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do it as the real me, no hiding.
Now, I have never been one to not do something cause of a fear of what other people may think of me however this really is an extra big line to cross.
These are really my only two concerns;
What if I meet a potential boyfriend, they find my blog and decide I'm a whore? Is that really the type of guy I would want to be with?
What if I decide to get a "proper" job on day, would this put employers off?
I'm really asking for your opinion on this? Is this even something you would want to read? Should I take that leap?
Do you want to hear about the intimate details of a sexually adventurous girl in her mid 20s?

Please tweet me, email me or comment down below, I really wanna hear your opinion on this.

 Hugs & Kisses
    Katie J

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Just Single or a Player....?

So recently I met a guy I had chatted to on and off for a few month for coffee and a chat.  I thought all was going well till after some time of talking the inevitable question of past relationships reared it ugly head and after revealing I in fact had no serious past to really speak of he called my a "player" I have to admit I was a little shocked by this as I had never considered myself one of those types. Yes I've never had a serious relationship and yes I would say I'm a multi dater, but a player..............really..........?? I brushed off his comment by simply explaining I'm just young and single, certainly not a player. When I got home though I still couldn't shake that player label swirling round in my head and this got me to thinking if you date a number of guys but have to date never settled down are we really "just single" or are we players......Is there a difference.

To me a player is someone who plays games hence "player". Someone who tricks people into giving them whatever it is they want be it a quick fuck, someone to booty call at 3am or expensive dinners in the best restaurants with no thought or feeling for the other person. A player uses people to their own ends.

I asked coffee and a chat guy in a later phone convocation why he thought this about me, he said he thinks I'm the kind of girl that likes to make lots of people want to have sex with them and I enjoy making people fall for me. Now firstly without trying to sound up my own arse I don't "try" and make lots of people want to have sex with me it kind of just happens, I have blonde hair, big boobs and stacks of confidence and for better or worse this draws in quite a lot of sexual attention wanted or not. Having said that though I have never intentionally tried to make someone I wasn't into fall for me. I'm a straight down the line kind of girl, cards on the table. Yes ok it has happened once or twice in the past that guys I haven't been romantically interested in have fallen for me but this was of their own free will, I never suggested I wanted anything more then we already had and as soon as I found out their feelings for me I put a stop to whatever shenanigans were going on.
Just like everybody else I have also been on the receiving end of unrequited feelings and its a son of a bitch! but I don't for one minute think these guys were players, that's just what happens sometimes in this messy thing called life.
However I have defiantly come into contact with my fair share of actual players and while now in my mid 20s I like to think I know better, I defiantly fell for more guys lines then I care to recall in my formative younger years.

Obviously as a single 20-something I do my fair share of dating.......ok maybe more then my fair share but that's what single people do right? I don't ever hide the fact that I date from guys and I don't make out I feel more then I do. I don't lead people up the garden path, as soon as I'm sure this is going nowhere I break out the " maybe we would be better off as friends" text, we all know what it means but it just softens the blow a little.
I could maybe be accused of not being totally straight about what it is I want but that's only because I'm not really sure myself what I want. I'm clinging hold of the hope that one day when whatever it is shows up I will just know, but until then I'm gonna go with the flow.

So, if we are calling dating the game then yes I am defiantly one of the players, however I don't think all single people should be tarnished with the same negative connotations that come with the player label just because we are enjoying the freedom of single life and refusing to settle for less then we know we deserve.

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    Katie J

Monday, 2 February 2015

One Skirt Three Ways - Plus Size Fashion

Afternoons guys!
Ok ok I know I haven't posted in 2 whole weeks! major fail on my part there, I've been quite distracted by sexy boys, my bad!  but new year resolutions don't just happen without any bumps in the road right? So you forgive me yes? ok good :)

Right on with the Plus Size fashion post!
So I got this maxi skirt in the sales and I haven't worn a long skirt in about 10 years! So for myself and others like me who have been absent from the maxi skirt in quite sometime I wanted to try out a few different ideas, see if I could make it fit into a plethora of occasions. I believe I succeeded.
Now not all the items I'm wearing are new or still available however I will try and link to items as similar as possible to the ones I am wearing.

High Waisted

Firstly with this skirt being so super duper long I wanted to see if it would work high wasted with it still being long enough to hit the floor, as I personally cant stand long skirts that fall above the ankles having little legs this just does not suit me one bit! However as I'm only 5ft 4inch even wearing this skirt high up still left plenty of length. I just simply paired it with a plan white vest top, cropped black cardigan and thick elasticated belt.

Comfy & Casual

Now as much as I love fashion I also love being cosy and comfy so this time I just put the skirt with a lovely warm slightly over sized jumper. This particular jumper does have some sequin star detailing to add a little sparkle after all everything is better with a little sparkle right?  I folded the bottom of the jumper up slightly as I think this just gave a better shape to the whole thing.


Those of you who know me will know I love a "sexy" outfit. I like to make the most of what I deem to be some of my best assets. That being said I thought I would see if I could pull this maxi skirt off in a party night outfit. I think it makes a nice change from the usual leggings or jeans I predominantly wear when dancing the night away. The top I chose is one I got from yoursclothing.com quite some time ago, the bottom of the top is elasticated which allows the plentiful fabric to fall down is an extremely flattering style. I chose to have the top sit just above the skirt so it would fall down at hit just at the right place. This top has lovely beading detail to the bust area, I also paired this with a thick elastic waist belt as to show off my hour glass figure.

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Hugs & Kisses
    Katie J
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